Disaster management requires a lot of human resources from professional sectors, including doctors. Since it can affect many aspects of life, not just health and well-being. In order to reduce the disaster risk, comprehensive and cross-sectoral efforts are needed.

Disaster management and mass casualties cannot be handled per se by medical intervention, such as surgery and other medical approaches, it has to be supported as well by good management leadership. Good preparation, mitigation, training and step-by-step emergency response always lead the first aid in the disaster area. These duties are often carried by medical professional such as medical doctors and nurses. However, most of these professional never received formal training in this area. Not only during the disaster, the post disaster event also plays a significant role in accelerate the recovery. Community empowerment helps the society to have an effective preparedness, emergency response, and post-disaster recovery. The integrative planned actions and supported by experienced human resources will help to reduce the risks in disaster during critical and emergency situation.

In this conference, participants can share the knowledge of health and disaster medicine and learn from the experienced leader in mitigate the disaster as a health professional as well as to increase the awareness about disaster preparation.

Theme of the conference is "Multidiciplinary Apporoaches for Health and Disaster Medicine : Working Together, Growing Together”

Sub theme:The conference is seeking the submission from topics related to the following sub-themes:

1. disaster medicine

2. Health from preclinical, translational and clinical aspect as well as public health

3. interdiciplinary approaches in health and disaster medicine