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Palm Oil and the Dynamics of Community Changes: Lesson Learned From Aceh and West Kalimantan
Subhani Sulaiman, Nazaruddin Nazaruddin, Ratri Candrasari, Awaludin Arifin, Ade Isan Kamil

Last modified: 2023-01-19


Generally, the community and employees on oil palm farms in Aceh Tamiang face three issues: the realization of labor rights, community development, and the diminishing amount of land that may be used as a source of living for locals. First, among other things, the transfer of management of cultivation rights to a different firm is responsible for the fulfillment of the rights of employees and retirees from oil palm plantations. Second, other than as employees, locals do not gain more advantages from the company's existence. Local workers have a severely constrained capability, particularly as permanent employees. Conditions are currently more challenging; businesses exclusively hire day workers who aren't covered by social security Third, because fishing rivers have become smaller as a result of the widespread proliferation of plantations, several fishermen and charcoal wood business owners have incurred enormous losses. Due to the company's tremendous expansion, which includes mangrove forests, charcoal entrepreneurs also struggle to locate raw materials in the form of mangrove trees. These three issues lead to a variety of confrontations between the business and the neighborhood. Residents demonstrate this by stealing the company's palm oil and banning company cars from traveling through their community.


PALM OIL PLANTATIONs, labor right, community development, and citizen livelihoods